tracing the path of Zurbarán's Jacob & His twelve sons
March 13, 2018

Presented in association with the exhibition of Jacob & His Twelve Sons on loan from Auckland Castle at The Frick Collection
Featuring Soloists: Amanda Forsythe, Siman Chung, and Aya Hamada 

February 22, 2018

Featuring Dark Horse Consort and Soloists: Linda Jones, Michele Kennedy, Molly Quinn, Melanie Russell, Elena Williamson, Joseph Beutel, Jason Eck, Timothy Hodges, Brandon Hynum, Lawrence Jones, Scott Mello

January 25, 2018

Featuring Soloists Vanessa Vasquez, Heather Petrie, Ian Koziara; Organist Renee Anne Louprette; F. Murray Abraham (Narrator, King David), and Angelina Impellizzeri (Witch of Endor)

December 19-20, 2017

Featuring Soloists Liv Redpath and Trumpeter Kevin Cobb

Community at Voices of Ascension

Dennis Keene conducts an open rehearsal for Donors and Subscribers 

Dennis Keene conducts an open rehearsal for Donors and Subscribers 

They are the best in town with first rate singers and wonderful new soloists.”

As Voices of Ascension celebrates 28 years of excellence in professional choral music, we also rejoice in the support and development of the community that has blossomed around our organization.  We are a cultural staple of New York City, and this would not be possible without the dedicated support of our concert goers, donors, subscribers, and volunteers.  

Research has demonstrated that 65% of our regular audience originates from 5 neighborhoods in New York City; the Village, the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, Murray Hill, and Brownstone Brooklyn.  We at Voices are dedicated to continuing the growth of this unique and diverse community. 


Audience Feedback from 2017 Survey report 

The concerts are outstanding. The performances and the musicians and of course Dr. Keene’s conducting are always superb and so well attended
We have heard choruses from all over the world, but this chorus will stand out in our memory as being one of a kind, and definitely one of the best.
VOA are of the highest quality. The group’s singing touches my soul!
Voices of Ascension is stellar!